RaasLeela is an artisan-designer brand that creates one-of-a-kind pieces with a unique story by incorporating traditional techniques rooted in Indian crafts. The artisans are skilled in their respective crafts ranging from interlacing stitch to applique and more.  Unlike machine-made clothing, our team does not follow the monotonous process of creating the same thing over and over again. We want to provide artisans with a platform where they can do a diverse array of work.

The 'Co-Create' program allows any individual, designer, or brand to collaborate closely with RaasLeela artisans in a remote setting. This initiative will allow you to have one-on-one conversations with artisans via video calls and the opportunity to collaborate on new designs. The artisan's profile and the skills they are proficient in can be found below; scroll down to learn more.


Sonaben Kodi - Bawalio

Sonaben is one of our team's most upbeat individuals. She exudes confidence in everything that she does and is proficient in embroidering interlaced stitches called Bawalio, a type of Rabari embroidery that is becoming rare day by day. She is the only person in our studio who can do this embroidery with ease.


Dilshad Banu Sheikh - Herringbone & Accessories


Dilshad Banu young at heart, a happy-go-lucky lady, never fails to amaze everyone by creating exceptional trims and finishes. Herringbone stitch also called 'Sadu Bharat' is her forte. She also is an expert in making adorable tiny badges known as 'Billas' in different shapes and sizes.

Tarulatta Makwana - Running stitch and Variations


Taruben is the head of our sampling team. Adept at garment part assembly, and working with people, she is at the heart of RaasLeela. Her specialties lie in running stitch otherwise called 'Faant'. She can also embroider 'Rice' stitch - a contemporary adaption of running stitch.

Jaya Solanki - Applique

Jayaben is known for her promptness, usually silent always makes sure that there are no mistakes in her work. Her swift hands and a keen eye for details help her achieve the same. She is a master in Applique and is persistent in maintaining the quality of her work.

Sumi Parmar - Applique

Sumiben is one of the most ambitious people on the team. At a young age, she carries big dreams in her eyes. She is an all-rounder when it comes to embroidery work at the studio but her expertise lies in making tikdi, tikda (small and large circular applique patches), and fabric pipping.

This initiative is an opportunity for our team of artisans to engage with designers around the globe and allow them to explore the possibilities of design. If this project excites you and you wish to collaborate with team RaasLeela feel free to write to us -