When you support a craft, you support the community's economical, social and environmental structure!! It is overwhelming to see how our customers have loved our artisans’ work. <3 Thank you so much! We have exhausted our limit and so we shall pause taking new orders except for RAFIQ NI SUJANI Quilts. Our website will be back for retail orders from 8th July, 2024. For wholesale enquiries please write to us @raasleelatextile@gmail.com.

Environmental effect!

Each of our meditative stitches is grateful for your contribution to making the earth an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable place to live in.

With this time-honored, trend-less piece, 

  • You are bringing access to clean drinking water to a family in a developing country by not contributing to contamination by dyes or waste in the bleaching process. Currently, 1/5th of water pollution comes from textile treatment and dying. 
  • You are empowering a woman maker with fair and meaningful employment. Bringing economic independence, and agency to her life, with wholesome sustainability to the family.
  • You are helping in reducing the burden on landfills from overflowing textile wastes. About 3/5th of the clothing produced every year ends up in landfills within a year of being made.
  • You are reducing your carbon footprint, using the timeless, trendless piece as a part of your style. 400% of the carbon emissions can be reduced by wearing a garment 50 times, instead of just 5.
  • You are saving the lives of marine animals. It has been estimated that around 100,000 of those are killed every year with wastes from microfibers.