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Shanti Ben has been quilting for almost 40 years, having started at a young age and continuing to this day. She was born and raised in Ambaji - district, near the Gujarat-Rajasthan border, where her mother, Kimji ben, taught her various patch cutting, making, and stitching techniques. She moved to Ahmedabad after her marriage and worked as an Applique artisan, Lippan - mud work artisan, a farmer, and even on construction sites, to support her family, but she never stopped making quilts in her spare time. 64 years old Shanti ben has around 40-50 quilts that she has made over the course of her life, all of which are safely stored in a large trunk. Quilters in Gujarat consider quilts a source of pride. They were used to display their quilting skills and to host guests into their homes. The guests who visit now longer stay overnight, Shanti ben doesn’t use these quilts as much as she did earlier. She has a huge trunk of Quilts. Hence she wanted to sell a few to some funds for her for old age and help her grand daughter's education.

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