"VARTA" - the back end story of the brand RaasLeela

The conscious clothing brand

Handstitched | Dye-free & Bleach free | Capsule wardrobe | Up-Cycled Clothing

RaasLeela follows sustainability as a lifestyle by repairing, conserving and consuming less and following eco-friendly practices . It is a solution-driven brand. Every design, material, and the process is chosen thoughtfully that serves as a purpose rather than making "Just Beautiful" products. RaasLeela focuses on making a difference – in consuming resources, in reviving crafts, in providing an inclusive growth to people who are connected with the brand.

100% hand-stitched

Ever wondered how the garments were made before sewing machines? Heard stories from your grandma and great-grandma about how they used to create their clothes. Each of our products is completely hand sewn using the age-old technique old hand sewing from Gujarat! Be it pockets, seams, embellishments, buttons, strings, and our name label. It is a token of pride for our brand to create such products that revive and rejuvenate this beautiful craft that has been forgotten and provides employment to skilled home-based women.  


Raw – dye free & bleach free

As you might be aware that, the fashion and textile industry is the second largest industry which is responsible for water pollution, that emission from chemical dyes causes too much damage to the environment. Even natural dyes are not completely eco-friendly as it consumes a lot of water. Also, it bleeds and fades away too quickly. To not to be part of these anti-environment process, RaasLeela uses raw Kora cotton fabric – process free, bleach free and dye free, as cotton is the most beautiful in its purest and natural form. All fresh fabrics we buy has to be Kora, no other fabric is bought as fresh yardage!


We believe “Not wasting” is important than upcycling. With our core in the zero waste philosophy and the everlasting sense of style and utility, we believe in pre-planning of design and process, so that there is less wastage, to begin with. We run a zero-waste production unit. All colored fabric you see in any of the RaasLeela products is sourced as remnants from our atelier, source yardage ends from retail stores, cutting wastes from other ateliers, manufacturing samples and damaged and defected fabrics from weavers.

Capsule Wardrobe

A recent survey conducted by the World Wear Project, it was found that an average person discards around 32- 37 kg of clothes annually. Have you ever noticed that your wardrobe is filled with clothes that you don’t even wear, the reason being, They are out of fashion trend due to fast fashion? Bought for a particular occasion and never got a chance to repeat it? Impulsive buying because it was cheap or was on sale? Why not invest in something that is evergreen and that can be paired with anything to create your personal style. Basic, comfortable and yet stylish! Unfollowing fast fashion, that’s what RaasLeela makes.

Celebrated irregularities & individualities

Have you ever seen two butterflies exactly alike? Two leaves the same? No. Well, that’s the beauty. Nothing is exactly the same when created naturally. We believe that any handcraft is a very individual and personal expression of each artisan. Therefore each product is special and one of its kinds. We celebrate imperfections and reject nothing! This is our biggest hurdle and strength. We take defect as a characteristic and take it up in stride. For e.g. even if the hand-woven fabric has a flaw, we literally repair it and take pride in saying that it is repaired. The same stitch of each artisan is different and the same stitch of the same artisan could be different too! We don’t want it to be the same anyway!


Specially skilled project

Our artisans are our most important assets. Few of them have limitations, cannot regularly come to the workshop and/or are able to do a certain set of embroidery skills and cannot stitch the entire garment. We believe in nourishing their original skills and individual styles. Under the project, according to the skill set we design special products for such individuals which they can make from home all on their own. This allows them to do what they are best at doing. This is how we come up with most creative ideas that are fruitful to both: the brand and the artisans.


Happy Maker- That’s how they should be!

The entire team defines RaasLeela as “A happy family”. We have a culture, where togetherness is celebrated while we work, eat, exercises, party or travel.  Where equality among the designer’s creativity and artisans’ skills is cherished. Where fair wages and ethical production practices are at core importance. Where flexible working hours allow the employee to work effectively without burden. Where providing work to the home-based artisans gives us happiness!  We believe working with us should be an experience to rejoice and not just a means to earn a living.