When you support a craft, you support the community's economical, social and environmental structure!! It is overwhelming to see how our customers have loved our artisans’ work. <3 Thank you so much! We have exhausted our limit and so we shall pause taking new orders except for RAFIQ NI SUJANI Quilts. Our website will be back for retail orders from 8th July, 2024. For wholesale enquiries please write to us @raasleelatextile@gmail.com.

Collection: Co-Create

RaasLeela is an artisan-designer brand creating one-of-a-kind pieces by incorporating traditional techniques rooted in Indian crafts with a unique story. The artisans are highly skilled in their specific crafts ranging from interlacing stitch to Applique and more. We follow an interactive process in which the artisan and the designer co-create. Unlike machine-made clothing, our artisans don’t follow the tedious and monotonous process of creating the same thing over and over again. We wish to create a space for the artisans to get a chance to have diversity in the kind of work they do and allow them to explore the possibilities of design. 

The ‘Co-Create’ program allows any individual/designer/brand to work closely with the artisans associated with RaasLeela remotely. This initiative will facilitate you to have a one-on-one conversation with the artisan via video calls and the opportunity to produce new designs with them. Listed below is the artisan profile along with the skills they are well versed in. One can go through to select any artisan and the number of hours they wish to work with them.
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